Law, Translation Studies

Comparative Law for Legal Translators published

soriano-barabino-coverOne of the central challenges facing translators of legal texts is the ability to fully understand the requirements of the various legal systems worldwide. In this respect, comparative law plays an important role in legal translation, as it allows for the identification of similarities and differences among legal systems.

While the practice of legal translation requires an excellent knowledge of comparative law for the linguistic transfer to be successful, educational institutions do not usually train their students in how to make the most of comparative law in the translation of legal texts or how to rationally solve the problems arising from the differences that inevitably exist between legal systems. After emphasizing the importance of comparative law in the field of legal translation, this volume focuses on the main concepts that characterize some of the most relevant legal systems in the world and puts theory into practice by offering some exercises on comparative law applied to translation.

This volume will be of interest to the growing number of students, teachers, professionals and researchers working in the field of legal translation.

Available for purchase here.

Guadalupe Soriano-Barabino is Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Granada. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies (Legal Translation) as well as degrees in law and in translation and interpreting from the University of Granada. She has studied law in Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom and France, worked as a solicitor in the United Kingdom and taught at the Universities of Ulster and Salamanca. She also has extensive experience as a sworn translator and interpreter for English, French and Spanish.

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