Political Communication in the Age of Dissemination published

Khayyat coverThis book addresses the concept and forms of dissemination in political communication and news media. It studies the new age of dissemination in global communication manifested in a new relationship between political communication and media systems.
The broad aim of this study is to investigate the «media reality» of political communication in this new age. Working within the sphere of political communication and interconnected media systems, the study examines how the information in news source texts and responses to them are recontextualised and disseminated worldwide and fed back again through recursive communication. Specifically, this work also considers the ways in which the aims of the political phenomenon of Hezbollah are disseminated and connected across various news media outlets. In particular, the process of recursive dissemination of communication is analysed in three news media outlets, namely Al-Jazeera, the BBC, and CNN.

Available for purchase here.

Taroub A. Khayyat is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Faculty of Languages and Communication at the American University of Madaba (AUM) in Jordan. She attended the University of Bath, UK, where she received a PhD in Language and Political Communication from the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies. She also attended Heriot-Watt University, UK, where she received a Master of Science (MSc) in Translation and Intercultural Communication (with Distinction). She was previously involved in the Muslim-Christian Interfaith Dialogue with the West at the Royal Academy in Jordan and was also a lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and the Language Centre at the University of Jordan.


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