Navid Kermani published

Druxes cover«This volume on the work of Navid Kermani, Iranian-German writer, Islamic scholar and the first German Muslim awarded the prestigious German Book Trade Peace Prize in 2015, could not have come at a more opportune moment. Few writers have written as compellingly and thoughtfully about the urgency for peaceful assimilation into the European fabric as Kermani. This is an important contribution to the literature on questions of immigration, cultural identity and integration, tolerance, and resistance to extremism, not only in Germany but the world over.» (Professor Azade Seyhan, Bryn Mawr College)

Navid Kermani – author, journalist and academic – is one of the most prominent public intellectuals in Germany today. Kermani has been at the forefront of recent debates about Islam and its role in Germany’s political, social and cultural life. Instead of emphasizing the differences between ethnic affiliations and religious beliefs, Kermani questions the Western notion of a clear dividing line between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, highlighting instead their affinities. In addition to his political essays, Kermani’s travel journalism introduces western audiences to diverse Muslim societies in the world and his fiction provides accessible meditations on first love, contemporary music, death and friendship. This is the first volume of criticism in English dedicated to Kermani’s varied work. The book features an extensive interview with the author, a reproduction in German and English of Kermani’s famous 2014 Bundestag speech and a collection of critical essays on Kermani’s writing. The essays, by major scholars in the field, cover issues such as gender, religion, cosmopolitanism, mystical experiences, and the power of the liberal arts in a time of neoliberal distraction.

Available for purchase here.

Helga Druxes is Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Williams College. Her books include Resisting Bodies: The Negotiation of Female Agency in Twentieth- Century Women Writers (1996), The Feminization of Dr. Faustus: Female Identity Quests from Stendhal to Morgner (1993) and, with Patricia Simpson, Far Right Digital Media Strategies Across Europe and North America (2015).
Karolin Machtans is Assistant Professor of German Studies at Connecticut College. She is the author of Zwischen Wissenschaft und autobiographischem Projekt: Saul Friedländer und Ruth Klüger (2009) and co-editor, with Martin Ruehl, of Hitler – Films from Germany: History, Cinema, and Politics since 1945 (2012).
Alexandar Mihailovic is Professor Emeritus of Russian and Comparative Literature at Hofstra University and a Visiting Professor of Literature at Bennington College. He is the author of Corporeal Words: Mikhail Bakhtin’s Theology of Discourse (1997) and the edited volume Tchaikovsky and His Contemporaries (1999). He has published on on religious studies, nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian and Ukrainian literature, cultural relations during the Cold War, and LGBTQ and gender.


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