New book series launched: Transamerican Studies: Social Justice, Identity and Public Policy

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce the launch of the new series

Transamerican Studies: Social Justice, Identity and Public Policy

Series editors: Mario Antonio Rivera,  Nancy Lopez and Juan de Dios Pineda

Following the groundbreaking interdisciplinary academic initiatives of the Latin American Network (LATNET), founded by series co-editor Juan de Dios Pineda, this series uniquely addresses both Latino/a Studies and Latin American Studies, which have traditionally remained separate in the publishing world.
The series bridges domestic North American studies of identity and social justice and those pertaining to social and public policy in Latin America, addressing a broad range of concerns including immigration, bilateral and multilateral national security, public governance, public ethics, and the social constructs of ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ in contexts of national and community identities. The series also explores the significant and often insufficiently recognized Latin American contributions to public philosophy, in relation to postcolonial and postmodernist movements.










Augustine Romero, ‘Cuauhtemoc Wall’

Editorial Board: Chair Bruce J. Perlman

New proposals for the series are welcome. For more information, or to submit a book proposal, please contact Alessandra Anzani, Commissioning Editor, Email:


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