Language, Identity and Migration published

Regan et al. coverThis volume presents a collection of the latest scholarly research on language, migration and identity. In a globalised world where migratory patterns are in constant flux, the traditional notion of the ‘immigrant’ has shifted to include more fluid perspectives of the migrant as a transnational and the language learner as a complex individual possessing a range of dynamic social and contextual identities. This book presents a variety of studies of transnational speakers and communities. It includes research conducted within both established and emerging methodological traditions and frameworks and explores a wide range of contexts and geographical locations, from the multilingual language classroom to the migrant experience, and from Ireland to Eritrea.

Available for purchase here.

Vera Regan is a specialist in sociolinguistics and second language acquisition, with a particular interest in the acquisition of sociolinguistic competence, multilingualism and issues of language, migration and integration. She has been awarded the honour of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques and the Prix du Québec and has held several IRCHSS Research Fellowships and two Fulbright Research Awards. She has also been President of the European Association for Second Language Research, President of the Association of French Language Studies, Director of the Ireland Canada University Foundation and a member of the Committee of Heads and Professors of French.
Chloé Diskin earned her PhD in sociolinguistics and second language acquisition at University College Dublin in 2015. Her research looks at identity and language learning from a variationist perspective. She is particularly interested in discourse-pragmatic variation and change and the relationship between language ideologies and second language acquisition in the context of migration.
Jennifer Martyn is an Irish Research Council postgraduate scholar in sociolinguistics and second language acquisition at University College Dublin. Her research focuses on the role of gender in language education in Ireland from sociolinguistic and ethnographic perspectives. She is particularly interested in the role of learner identity and language ideologies in the language learning process.


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