How Pilots Live author Simon Bennett has new publication

How Pilots Live author Simon Bennett has a new publication titled Aviation Safety and Security: The Importance of Teamwork, Leadership, Creative Thinking and Active Learning. Read more about his new book here. Review of How Pilots Live: «I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand what our ‘glamorous’ way of life is … Continue reading

Politics of Cross-Cultural Reading published

The last two decades have witnessed an upsurge in scholarship on world literature. In most of this work world literature is understood as a concept in intellectual history, as a cultural system or as a curriculum to be taught. Grounded in three empirical case studies, this book complements such approaches by asking what world literature … Continue reading

Series editor David Jacques featured in ‘First Britons’ on BBC tonight

David Jacques, series editor for Studies in the British Mesolithic and Neolithic with Graeme Davis, is featured in the BBC 2 Horizon programme ‘First Britons’ tonight at 8 pm. For a clip, please click here. Horizon reveals how new archaeological discoveries are painting a different picture of the very first native Britons. For centuries it’s … Continue reading

Stephen Pax Leonard’s new book selected as ‘Publication of the week’

Some Ethnolinguistic Notes on Polar Eskimo by Stephen Pax Leonard has been selected as the ‘Publication of the week’ on the University of Birmingham website. The book is Volume 37 in the book series Contemporary Studies in Descriptive Linguistics edited by Graeme Davis and Karl A. Bernhardt. Please see the link here for more information … Continue reading

Textures published

Le présent volume vise à questionner la place qu’entretiennent les textures dans le champ de l’expérience esthétique. Dans une image, un texte, un mouvement quelque chose se trame, achoppe, râpe, se défait et se déforme; une couleur, une tache, une ligne, un tracé, une rupture syntaxique, un bégaiement, un bruit, un gros plan ouvrent à … Continue reading

Isotopias published

This monograph is the first book to examine places and spaces in French war fiction of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. These places and spaces are presented as literary isotopias, or fictional «worlds», and analysed in a selective corpus of thirty-three novelists and forty-two examples of war fiction. The book identifies and classifies the various … Continue reading

Book launch for Mick Imlah: Selected Prose

Mick Imlah: Selected Prose, edited by André Naffis-Sahely and Robert Selby and prefaced by Professor Mark Ford, will be launched at 7pm on Tuesday 22 September in the English Department Common Room at University College London. The speakers will be Alan Hollinghurst and Lindsay Duguid and copies of the book will be available for purchase. … Continue reading

Congratulations to How Pilots Live author Simon Bennett

The Civil Safety and Security Unit’s Dr Simon Bennett was one of two speakers at the 2015 Royal Air Force Air Command‘s Safety Symposium. During the morning session Professor Erik Hollnagel compared the Safety I and Safety II approaches to risk-management in complex socio-technical systems (like aviation). During the afternoon session, the CSSU’s Dr Simon … Continue reading

Interested in the first Britons?

Horizon on BBC 2 is offering a series on First Britons, revealing how new archaeological discoveries are painting a different picture of the very first native Britons. For centuries it’s been thought that these hunter-gatherers lived a brutal, hand-to-mouth existence. But extraordinary new evidence has forced scientists to rethink who these people were, where they … Continue reading

Dubbing, Film and Performance published

Research on dubbing in audiovisual productions has been prolific in the past few decades, which has helped to expand our understanding of the history and impact of dubbing worldwide. Much of this work, however, has been concerned with the linguistic aspects of audiovisual productions, whereas studies emphasizing the importance of visual and acoustic dimensions are … Continue reading

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