Peter Lang at the German Studies Association conference

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Peter Lang will be attending the German Studies Association conference in Washington, DC on 1-4 October 2015.

Commissioning Editor Laurel Plapp is currently taking appointments during the conference. Please contact her at if you’d like to schedule a meeting.

Please plan to come by our bookstand to see our latest publications in German Studies as well as featured titles by authors attending the conference. All books will be available at 30% off.

Among our recent titles:

Creech & Haakenson coverSpectacle, edited by Jennifer L. Creech and Thomas O. Haakenson, the second volume in the German Visual Culture series

How does the visual nature of spectacle destabilize the political, challenge aesthetic convention and celebrate cultural creativity? This interdisciplinary volume explores the concept of spectacle in the German context, including critical interventions into exhibitions, architecture, cinema and photography from the Baroque to the contemporary.


Fischer & Mergenthaler coverCultural Transformations of the Public Sphere, edited by Bernd Fischer and May Mergenthaler

The last decade has seen renewed interest in political theories of the public sphere, reacting to new challenges posed by globalization, communication technology, and intra- and international conflicts. The essays in this volume explore different strategies for enriching the ongoing debates on this issue.


Spreizer coverDiscovering Women’s History, edited by Christa Spreizer

Discovering Women’s History brings to light the work of a selection of German-speaking women journalists from the first half of the twentieth century who made significant contributions to German life and culture, yet are barely known today. The volume raises awareness regarding the range of viewpoints represented by women journalists of the time.


Heimat, Loss and Identity, by Karina BergerBerger cover

What became of ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe in the Second World War? In recent years, their suffering, flight and expulsion during and after the war has gathered increasing critical attention. This book offers the first comprehensive account in English of ‘expulsion literature’ in West Germany from the early 1950s to present-day Germany.


Look forward to seeing you there!


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