Cosmopolitan Modernity published

430873_coverThis book examines recent debates on the political dynamics of cosmopolitanism, particularly in its connection with European civil society and the public sphere. The aim of the volume is to trace to what extent cosmopolitanism defines the «second modernity», with the latter concept referring to the potential for consensus, the creation of multiple political alternatives and the recognition of otherness. The book explores issues such as democratic legitimacy and the formation of social and political institutions and presents empirical research on phenomena such as global violence.
The volume is intended to constitute a cosmopolitan project in itself, comprising contributions from scholars with very diverse approaches. Together, these contributions provide a stimulating analysis of what the concept of cosmopolitanism can offer to socially and politically diverse twenty-first-century societies.

Available for purchase here.

Anastasia Marinopoulou is Adjunct Lecturer at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She held the G. Papaioannou Fellowship from Princeton University for 2013–2014 and is Assistant Editor of Philosophical Inquiry.


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