A conversation between Donatella Maraschin and Federico Faloppa on Pier Paolo Pasolini at the Italian Cultural Institute London

Maraschin coverITI

Wednesday 24 June, 6.30pm

Italian Cultural Institute London

“Pier Paolo Pasolini: cinema and anthropology”

A conversation between Donatella Maraschin and Federico Faloppa

The analysis of the intersections between anthropological discourse, documentary and fiction, shows how Pasolini’s cinema is deeply related to visual anthropology: the visual anthropology theorised and practiced by the “New Ethnography” in the Eighties. The conversation will try to shed light on a discoursive perception which, in Pasolini’s cinema, is not too far from the later “anthropology of the senses”, and therefore it will try to make clearer and more intelligible the pioneristic and visionary values of most of Pasolini’s movies and documentaries. The analysis of the corporal, topographic, ritualistic and identity categories of Pasolini’s cinema furthermore unveils discoursive instances that overcome the anti-colonial ideologies and post-colonial approaches attributed to Pasolini’s work by mainstream criticism.

Donatella Maraschin is Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University where she teaches Film Studies and Journalism. Her publications include articles on the work of Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini available in several academic journals and her recent book Pasolini: Cinema e Antropologia (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014).
Federico Faloppa is Assistant Professor in Italian Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies at the University of Reading. He has extensively published on the construction and representation of “otherness” in Italian and European Languages, multicultural communication, language and power, and he is been lecturing on Pier Paolo Pasolini since 2008.

Admission free, book online       http://www.icilondon.esteri.it

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