German Literature and Culture

Author Ilija Trojanow speaking in Oxford on Thursday

The writer Ilija Trojanow, author of the internationally acclaimed novel Der Weltensammler (2006), will be visiting Oxford as part of the DAAD writer-in-residence programme.

Thursday 12 March, 5-6.30pm

Holywell Music Room, Holywell Street, Oxford OX1 3SD

Trojanow will be reading from his upcoming novel “Macht und Widerstand” (Power and Resistance), followed by a panel discussion about mass surveillance and civil liberties with Carolin Duttlinger, Sebastian Gehrig, Ben Morgan, Ufuk Ozturk and Betiel Wasihun. The reading and panel discussion will be held in German.

Peter Lang will be in attendance selling discounted copies of Ilija Trojanow, a collection of essays on his work edited by Julian Preece:

Preece cover

Ilija Trojanow, born in Bulgaria in 1965 and brought up in East Africa, established his name as an international writer with the novel Der Weltensammler or The Collector of Worlds (2006), about the cross-cultural Victorian adventurer Sir Richard Francis Burton. Since the mid-1990s Trojanow has been prolific in a number of genres, including travel, ethnography and science fiction. He has also become a major public intellectual in Austria and Germany with provocative interventions on topics such as Islam and the West, civil rights in the age of cybersurveillance and climate change. His imaginative writing sits at the centre of a number of defining contemporary concerns, in particular the relationship between identity, language and culture.
This volume contains an interview with Trojanow, a previously unpublished essay by him on Lessing’s Enlightenment parable of inter-religious tolerance, Nathan der Weise (Nathan the Wise), and essays by European and North American scholars on central aspects of his growing œuvre. The contributors explore why Trojanow is one of today’s leading writers of German while challenging a number of myths that have grown up around him and his magnum opus, Der Weltensammler.

«In erster Linie werden Spezialisten und Studenten das Werk als Quelle und Anstoß für ihre wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen nutzen, aber auch ein begeisterter Leser, der Hintergründe verstehen und in die Tiefe gehen will, fühlt sich bestens bedient.» (Frank Riedel, 02/2014)
«This is a very good volume, which will be of great use to scholars and students alike. It is tightly edited, well conceived, and does a great service in making this important writer better known to readers and academics in the anglophone world.» (Stuart Taberner, Modern Language Review 109.4, 2014)

Julian Preece is Professor of German Studies at Swansea University and Director of its Centre for Contemporary German Culture. He is the author of Nine Lives: Ethnic Conflict in the Polish-Ukrainian Borderlands (1999; with Waldemar Lotnik), The Life and Work of Günter Grass: Literature, History, Politics (2001), Out of the Shadows of a Husband: The Rediscovered Writings of Veza Canetti (2007) and Baader-Meinhof and the Novel: Narratives of the Nation/Fantasies of the Revolution, 1970-2010 (2012).

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