New publication: Feuchtwanger und Berlin

Dieser Band vereint Forschungsbeiträge der 6. Konferenz der Internationalen Feuchtwanger Gesellschaft, die im Herbst 2013 zum Thema Lion Feuchtwangers Berliner Jahre 1925 bis 1933, seine Leser im Exil, in Deutschland und weltweit nach 1945 im Jüdischen Museum Berlin veranstaltet wurde. Die Konferenz hatte zum Ziel, die Bedeutung des Berliner Zwischenspiels im Leben Feuchtwangers im literarischen … Continue reading

New publication: Invisibility Studies

Invisibility Studies explores current changes in the relationship between what we consider visible and what invisible in different areas of contemporary culture. Contributions trace how these changes make their marks on various cultural fields and investigate the cultural significance of these developments, such as transparency and privacy in urban architecture and the silent invasion of … Continue reading

New publication: Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture

As a uniquely hybrid form of artistic output, straddling music and theatre and high and popular culture, opera offers vast research possibilities not only in the field of music studies but also in the fields of media and cultural studies. Using the exotic legacy of the fin-de-siècle as its primary lens, this volume explores the … Continue reading

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