New publication: Embodied Peacebuilding

Robinson (Embodied Peace) coverIn the areas of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, the word ‘reconciliation’ has often been branded a negative term because it implies a resolution agreed upon by all parties in a given society, which for many seems an unachievable ideal. This book looks at the concept of reconciliation from a theological point of view, analysing its use historically within theology and presenting a new model of a practical theology of reconciliation. Using narrative research, it explores this idea within the context of Northern Ireland and offers valuable insights into the theological use of reconciliation by members of communities based in a conflict zone.
The goal of Embodied Peacebuilding is to establish reconciliation as a prominent concept in the field of practical theology and to give a voice to those peacebuilders who are using reconciliation as a common theme within Northern Ireland.

Available for purchase here.

Leah E. Robinson lectures in practical theology and peacebuilding at the University of Glasgow. She is creator and programme convenor for the MSc in Values-Based Practice: Peacebuilding and coordinator for the doctorate in Practical Theology at the university. Her current research focuses on the issue of sectarianism in Scotland and Northern Ireland and she is co-founder of the Scottish Religious Cultures Network. Her publications include Separation of Church and Soccer: The Impact of Secularization on Religion-Based Violence in Sports (2015). She is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


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