New publication: «Truthe is the beste»

Jacobs and Morgan coverThe thirteen essays in this book, presented in honour of Dr A. V. C. (Carl) Schmidt, are designed to reflect the range of his interests. Dr Schmidt, who was a Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford from 1972 until his retirement in 2011, is best known for his comprehensive four-text edition of Piers Plowman, the fruit of a lifetime’s work on that text. He has also made a major contribution to the study of Chaucer and the medieval English contemplatives, and these authors also find a place in this collection. The essays presented here are intended to build upon the legacy of Carl Schmidt’s exemplary scholarship.

Available for purchase here.

Nicolas Jacobs was until his retirement a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford. His publications include (with A.V.C. Schmidt) Medieval English Romances, in the London Medieval and Renaissance Series (2 volumes, 1980), The Later Versions of «Sir Degarré»: A Study in Textual Degeneration (1995) and the edited volume Early Welsh Gnomic and Nature Poetry (2013).
Gerald Morgan was formerly a Senior Lecturer and Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. His publications include The Tragic Argument of «Troilus and Criseyde» (2 volumes, 2005), The Shaping of English Poetry (3 volumes to date, 2010 and 2013) and the edited volume Chaucer in Context: A Golden Age of English Poetry (2012).


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