New publication: Destiny: The Life of Prince Diponegoro of Yogyakarta, 1785-1855

Carey (Destiny) cover«Prince Diponegoro was one of the foremost figures of nineteenth-century Indonesia and Dr Peter Carey’s research about and understanding of him exceeds that of any other historian. This book is thus very important and will be of great interest to any reader wishing to understand this transition period and this remarkable figure who so profoundly influenced the history of Indonesia.» (M.C. Ricklefs, Professor Emeritus, The Australian National University)
«Prince Diponegoro’s remarkable autobiographical Babad Diponegoro, is now recognised as a world monument to cultural wisdom. […] Peter Carey’s monumental scholarship has resurrected an historiography which transcends individual destiny. His book inspires us with new ways of addressing the current challenges of the transition from the old to the new world […] Diponegoro’s great resistance movement is now seen as a lodestar for Indonesia’s leadership and the very essence of its fighting spirit.» (Dr P.M. Laksono, Yogyakarta)
«Peter Carey’s book assiduously, sharply and sensitively develops perspectives and interpretations of the role of prophecy in the context of the Java War. […] In telling detail, he elucidates the beliefs, hopes, illusions, personal vendettas, local conflicts and the arrogance and incapacity of the Dutch colonial authorities – stories which are both local and specific. At the same time, he includes changing socio-economic conditions […] and the forces of European colonialism in international politics. Carey thus presents a story which [… allows] us to develop new perspectives on Dutch colonialism and the rise of Indonesian nationalism in the early twentieth century.» (Goenawan Mohamad, Prize-winning Indonesian author/editor)

This book is a completely revised version of The Power of Prophecy; Prince Dipanagara and the End of an Old Order in Java, 1785-1855 (2007). A vivid biography of Indonesia’s foremost national hero, it tells the story of a remarkable figure whose life spanned his native Java’s troubled transition to the modern world. It will be read with profit by all those interested in the impact of European imperialism on non-European societies, the cultural encounter between West and East, the role of Islam in anti-colonial resistance, and the making of modern Indonesia. An Indonesian-language edition of Destiny has been published simultaneously by Indonesia’s leading publishing house, Penerbit Buku Kompas (Gramedia), as Takdir: Riwayat Pangeran Diponegoro (1785-1855).

Peter Carey, currently Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Indonesia in Jakarta and Fellow Emeritus of Trinity College, Oxford, has made a lifetime study of Prince Diponegoro and early nineteenth-century Javanese history. His latest book is The Power of Prophecy: Prince Dipanagara and the End of an Old Order in Java, 1785-1855 (2007). He is one of the foremost British historians of Southeast Asia and has also published on Burma and East Timor (Timor-Leste).


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