Fictions of Appetite

Fictions of Appetite explores and investigates the aesthetic significance of images of food, appetite and consumption in a body of modernist literature published in Italian between 1905 and 1939. The corpus examined includes novels, short stories, poems, essays and plays by F.T. Marinetti, Aldo Palazzeschi, Massimo Bontempelli, Paola Masino and Luigi Pirandello. The book underlines … Continue reading

The Past Tense in Polish and French

This book presents the first detailed analysis of the mechanism of translating the Polish past tense into French. Grounded in the field of aspectual research, this study bridges the gap between theory and practice by presenting a set of equivalency rules for Polish past imperfective verb forms and French past tenses. Drawing on a wide … Continue reading

British Association for Victorian Studies

        Peter Lang will be attending the British Association for Victorian Studies annual conference at Royal Holloway, University of London, on 30 August 2013. Please come by our bookstand to see our latest publications in the field. We also welcome new proposals for our series Writing and Culture in the Long Nineteenth … Continue reading

Beyond Containment: Corporeality in Mercè Rodoreda’s Literature

This book provides a critical and context-sensitive reading of corporeality in the narrative fiction of Mercè Rodoreda, through the perspectives of art and film theory, feminism, literary criticism, spatial studies, and nationalist theory. The text approaches Rodoreda as a Catalan woman writer whose work engages with and explores formulaic and normative notions of the gendered … Continue reading

Ghosts of the Revolution in Mexican Literature and Visual Culture

The official centenary commemorating the Mexican Revolution of 1910 provided scholars with an opportunity to consider memorialization and its legacies and ‘afterimages’ in the twentieth century through to the present time. This collection of new essays, commissioned from experts based in Mexico, Europe and the United States, plays on the interrelated notions of ‘revisitation’, haunting, … Continue reading

The Art of Theatre

This collection of essays explores the relationship between art, literature and the stage in France and Belgium in the period 1830-1910. It is the first book to bring together scholarship on this neglected area of study and provides unique insights into current research within this rich interdisciplinary field. The rise in popular theatre, the beginnings … Continue reading

A History of Anglican / Methodist Collaboration in Nigeria

This study seeks to investigate the history of Anglican / Methodist cooperation among the Yoruba-speaking peoples of Nigeria during the missionary era and after. The intention is to show that the institutional and doctrinal form of unity inherited from the missionaries, although very useful, was predominantly designed and structured for a Western way of life. … Continue reading

Topografien des Transits

Dieser Band untersucht die literarische und filmische Behandlung halböffentlicher Räume im Verlauf des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts. Bahnhöfe, Hotels und Cafés werden hier als topografische Fixpunkte verstanden, die angesichts politischer, kultureller und sozialer Veränderungen jeweils neu erschlossen oder wahrgenommen werden. Auf diese Weise können Narrative konkretisiert, soziale Konstellationen ausgeleuchtet und historische Umbrüche nachvollziehbar werden. Während der Schwerpunkt … Continue reading

World Congress of Philosophy: Author Evangelia Sembou

Author Evangelia Sembou with her book Modern Theories of Politics at the World Congress of Philosophy in Athens. Everything you ever wanted to know about modern political theory, but never dared to ask … This book offers a concise introduction to the main ideas and arguments of the major political thinkers of modernity. It considers the … Continue reading

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