Early Childhoods in the Global South

O'Riordan et al. coverThis interdisciplinary volume aims to deepen and enrich the reader’s understanding of children’s lives in the Global South. At a time when provision for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is expanding across the globe, this book highlights issues around early childhood development as well as exploring the importance of including local traditions, culture and knowledge in developing professional practices in the sector. A range of international contributors, including key scholars in the field of early childhood, draw on topics identified for discussion at the Early Childhood in Developing World Contexts International Conference, held at University College Cork, Ireland, in 2011. Much of the exciting research being undertaken in this area remains unrecognized, and the volume aims to communicate some of the important debates currently taking place. The essays are organized into three broad themes: children’s lives and livelihoods; early years policy and practice; and language and culture.

Jacqui O’Riordan lectures in the School of Applied Social Studies at University College Cork. She has extensive experience in a range of equality concerns, through her research in Tanzania in the mid-1990s as well as a number of community sector research consultancies undertaken in Ireland. Her research interests include gendered lives and livelihoods, analysis of care and caring and, more recently, examination of aspects of childhood and children’s lives.
Deirdre Horgan is Lecturer in Social Policy in the School of Applied Social Studies and Director of the multi-disciplinary BA (Early Years and Childhood Studies) at University College Cork. Her research interests include childhood well-being and citizenship, within the broad framework of diversity.
Shirley Martin is Lecturer in Social Policy in the School of Applied Social Studies at University College Cork. Her main research interest is in the well-being of children and her research focuses on key areas of children’s lives, such as early years care and education, educational disadvantage and participatory research with children and young people.


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