Film Studies Catalogue 2013

The new Peter Lang Film Studies Catalogue is now available, featuring our exciting and diverse collection of titles on popular cinema, comparative film studies and film criticism. Books can be ordered directly from our online shop: Please contact with any questions. Advertisements

Irish Studies Catalogue 2013

The new Peter Lang Irish Studies Catalogue is now available, showcasing a wide range of  exciting new titles and key backlist across Irish literary, cultural and social studies. Books can be ordered directly from our online shop: Please contact with any questions.

Sustainability and Transformation in European Social Policy

This book showcases some of the papers presented at the 9th Annual ESPAnet Conference «Sustainability and Transformation in European Social Policy», held in Valencia, Spain from the 8th to 10th of September 2011. The selected papers present a double perspective within social policy: the papers in Part 1 follow a classical approach whilst those in … Continue reading

Performing the Modern German

Since the late 1990s, German cinema has gone through a period of astonishing productivity and success that has made it the focus of scholarly analysis once more. What can contemporary German cinema tell us about current German society and its problems? What are the distinguishing features of filmmaking in Germany today? This book analyses the … Continue reading

Negotiating Linguistic, Cultural and Social Identities in the Post-Soviet World

In this volume, researchers in the fields of language in society, sociolinguistics, language politics, diaspora and identity studies explore the contacts between languages and cultures in the post-Soviet world. The book presents a range of perspectives on the effects of migration and of re-drawing of borders among groups and individuals for whom the Russian language … Continue reading

Goethe and Hafiz

This book offers a study of West-East cross-cultural and cross-contextual literacy by investigating Goethe’s relationship to the poetics of fourteenth-century Persian poet Hafiz in the West-östlicher Divan. Goethe’s collection of poetry, this book argues, constitutes a turning point in the history of German poetic subjectivity. The intellectual and historical significance of the Divan is examined … Continue reading

2013 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition

The Oxford and Dublin offices of Peter Lang are delighted to announce the 2013 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competitions in Irish Studies and in German Studies. Proposals are invited from early career scholars ­in each field for academic monographs to be evaluated by a distinguished editorial board. The winner of each competition will receive a … Continue reading

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