Sustainability and Transformation in European Social Policy

Garces coverThis book showcases some of the papers presented at the 9th Annual ESPAnet Conference «Sustainability and Transformation in European Social Policy», held in Valencia, Spain from the 8th to 10th of September 2011. The selected papers present a double perspective within social policy: the papers in Part 1 follow a classical approach whilst those in Part 2 focus on new approaches. Thus, the book begins with the classical idea of welfare, participation, pension systems, family policies and social models. It then presents new perspectives in the research on social policy, such as the intervention of parenting, social tourism, the prevention of cyber-bullying and the transformation of governance. Offering an indepth overview of past, current and future social policies, this volume provides a useful resource for researchers in sustainability studies.

Jordi Garcés is Full Professor at the University of Valencia and Director of Polibienestar Research Institute. He has also been a visiting professor at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), as well as a visiting researcher at the Universities of Washington, Oxford and Cambridge.
Irene Monsonís Payá is a researcher at Polibienestar Research Institute at the University of Valencia. She graduated in law and has a postgraduate degree in sustainability, management and corporate social responsibility. She has received training on research methodologies at the Essex Summer School (UK) and Harvard University (USA).


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