CFP: “Spectacle” Volume – German Visual Culture Series

GVC 1 coverGerman Visual Culture:


Deadline for Proposed Essays:

1 April 2013

Editors of a volume to be published with the book series German Visual Culture seek papers on “spectacle” in relation to German-speaking cultures (

Interested authors are encouraged to send a 250-word proposal as well as a curriculum vitae by 1 April 2013 to all three volume / series editors: Dr. Deborah Ascher Barnstone (<>), Dr. Thomas O. Haakenson (<>), and Dr. Jennifer Creech (<>).

From battlefield pageantry to political posturing, from Shaufensterhypnose to cinematic subterfuge, the spectacle has been and continues to be a site of extreme negotiation and intervention. How does the visual nature of spectacle inform the citizenry, destabilize the political, challenge aesthetic convention, and celebrate cultural creativity? What are the limits—aesthetic, political, social, cultural, economic—of spectacle? How do we explain the inherently exclusionary, revolutionary, dehumanizing, and utopian elements of spectacle? And, finally but not exhaustively, what is the relationship between spectacle and “the spectacular”?

The volume editors seek essays on spectacle in German-speaking contexts or cultural traditions in relation to the following topics, in particular:


Aesthetics / Aesthetic Theory

Amusement Parks         


Cold War Germany


Military Display            

National Socialist Germany


Public Space / Urban Space


Scientific Illustration    

Shop Displays


Viewers / Viewership

Interested authors are encouraged to send a 250-word proposal as well as a curriculum vitae to the volume and series editors by 1 April 2013. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by 15 April 2013. Full-length first drafts of 8,500 word, accompanied by up to 5 images, are due by 1 June 2013.


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