New Series: Historical Sociolinguistics

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce its new series:

Historical Sociolinguistics: Studies on Language and Society in the Past

The interdisciplinary field of Historical Sociolinguistics seeks to reveal the impact of language development on society and the role of individuals and society in the changing forms and usage of language. This book series is aimed at sociolinguists and social historians who are keen to publish studies on the social history of languages, the interaction of linguistic practices and society, and the sociological significance of linguistic variation with a historical dimension. The purpose of the series is to provide empirically supported studies that will challenge and advance current language historiographies, which often continue to present the history of particular languages as necessarily leading to the creation of a standard or prestige variety. Of particular interest are topics such as the following: language myths and language ideology, historical multilingualism and the formation of nation-states, the sociolinguistics of minority and regional languages, the rise of urban vernaculars, immigrants and their languages, the role of prescriptive grammarians, and the social history of pidgins and creoles.

Book proposals from historians and linguists working on any language in any period are welcome, in particular those that include a comparative dimension as well as those with a strong empirical foundation. The language of publication is primarily English. All publications will be peer reviewed; the four series editors and twenty-five members of the advisory board are all members of the Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HiSoN) <>.

Series Editors

Nils Langer (University of Bristol)

Stephan Elspaß (Universität Salzburg)

Joseph Salmons (University of Wisconsin – Madison)

Wim Vandenbussche (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Advisory Board

Anita Auer (Utrecht), Jack Chambers (Toronto), Steffan Davies (Bristol), Ana Deumert (Cape Town), Jose del Valle (CUNY), Martin Durrell (Manchester), Robert Evans (Oxford), Kristine Horner (Sheffield), Elin Fredsted (Flensburg), Roisin Healy (Galway), Juan Hernandez-Campoy (Murcia), Robert Howell (Wisconsin-Madison), Ernst Håkon Jahr (Agder), Mari Jones (Cambridge), Andrew Linn (Sheffield), Anthony Lodge (St Andrews), Nicola McLelland (Nottingham), Miriam Meyerhoff (Auckland), Agnete Nesse (Bergen), Terttu Nevalainen (Helsinki), Gijsbert Rutten (Leiden), Joachim Scharloth (Dresden), Peter Trudgill (Agder), Marijke van der Wal (Leiden), Laura Wright (Cambridge)

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