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New publication: Will the Modernist

Why was the Bard of Avon so frequently on the agenda of avant-garde writers in Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Ireland? This volume explores the rich and diverse landscape of Shakespearean encounters in the tormented aesthetics of pre- and post-World War I Europe. However manipulated, deformed or transfigured, the Renaissance dramatist was revived in … Continue reading

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New publication: Einführung in die germanistische Linguistik

Die vorliegende Einführung besteht aus 16 Einheiten, die alle so konzipiert sind, dass sie auch unabhängig voneinander gelesen werden können. Jedes Kapitel führt in einen bestimmten Bereich der Linguistik ein: in Semantik, Sprachgeschichte, Spracherwerb, mentales Lexikon, Pragmatik, Dialektologie, Phonetik, usw. Als Ausgangspunkt und Kapitelüberschrift dienen dabei beispielsweise Fragen wie «Können Wörter müde machen?» (Semantik), «Gibt … Continue reading

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New publication: New Visions of the Child in Italian Cinema

The figure of the child has long been a mainstay of Italian cinema, conventionally interpreted as a witness of adult shortcomings, a vessel of innocence, hope and renewal, or an avatar of nostalgia for the (cinematic) past. New Visions of the Child in Italian Cinema challenges these settled categories of interpretation and reconsiders the Italian … Continue reading

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New publication: Völkisch Writers and National Socialism

This book provides a view of literary life under the Nazis, highlighting the ambiguities, rivalries and conflicts that determined the cultural climate of that period and beyond. Focusing on a group of writers – in particular, Hans Grimm, Erwin Guido Kolbenheyer, Wilhelm Schäfer, Emil Strauß, Börries Freiherr von Münchhausen and Rudolf Binding – it examines … Continue reading

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New publication: Women and Trade Unions in France

Based on the thorough examination of French archival sources, this book examines in detail two industries in which women formed the majority of the workforce in France between 1890 and 1914. The choice of the tobacco and hat industries is particularly relevant in the sense that the tobacco industry, unlike the hat industry, was a … Continue reading

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New publication: 2014 Yearbook of the Goethe Society of India

Comparative literary studies faces new challenges today in a world marked by the migration of people, languages, ideas and texts across diverse and increasingly porous borders. The field is restricted by conventional notions of comparativism born in the era of nationalism and colonialism. However, scholars are now provoked to rethink these notions as a result … Continue reading

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Two Peter Lang titles on the shortlist for the Lord Aberdare Literary Prize

Peter Lang is pleased to announce our two publications that have been shortlisted for the Lord Aberdare Literary Prize: Women, Sport and Modernity in Interwar Britain by Fiona Skillen and Writing the Prizefight by David Snowdon. We congratulate our authors!


Reminder: 2014 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Memory Studies

*Reminder: Due date 1 September 2014* Peter Lang Oxford is delighted to announce the 2014 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Memory Studies. Proposals are invited from early career scholars ­in Memory Studies for academic monographs to be evaluated by a distinguished editorial board. The winner of the competition will receive a contract to publish … Continue reading

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New publication: A Poetics of Dissensus

Twenty years after the peace process began in the North of Ireland, many thorny political issues remain unresolved. One of the most significant questions involves the means by which acts of violence and the ideologies that subtended them can be dealt with, interrogated and questioned without rekindling conflict. This book focuses on a number of … Continue reading

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Christe Eleison! author writes guest blog on the Oxford Christian Network

James F. Wellington, author of  Christe Eleison! The Invocation of Christ in Eastern Monastic Psalmody c. 350-450, has posted an article titled ‘How We Pray the Psalms’ on the Oxford Christian Network website. Read the article here. For centuries the Jesus Prayer has been leading Orthodox Christians beyond the language of liturgy and the representations … Continue reading

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