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New publication: Critique of Cosmopolitan Reason

Since the Enlightenment, the definition of terms such as humanity, citizenship and rights has fluctuated and these ideas continue to have relevance for contemporary discussions of globalization from a «cosmopolitan» perspective. This volume goes back to the conception of cosmopolitanism in Greek antiquity in order to trace it through history, resulting in an unmasking of … Continue reading

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New publication: Winning Through Boundaries Innovation

At present, many companies consider «knowledge» the most important element and the benchmark for maintaining an enduring competitive advantage. The process of strategically acquiring both new boundaries knowledge and convergence knowledge to generate boundaries innovation becomes an important element in acquiring dynamic organizational capability. This is essential for rapidly establishing a company’s market position in … Continue reading


African Studies Association of the UK

Peter Lang is pleased to be attending the upcoming conference of the African Studies Association of the UK at the University of Sussex, 9-11 September 2014. Lucy Melville (Publishing Director) will be in attendance. Please come by the stand to browse our latest publications. For more information, or to arrange an appointment to discuss your planned publication, … Continue reading

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Book launch: Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration

Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration: Mobilizing the Past in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, edited by Shanti Sumartojo and Ben Wellings, will be launched in Canberra and Melbourne next month. The first launch will take place at 5:30 pm on Monday 4 August at the Centre for European Studies at Australian National University (ANU). … Continue reading

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New publication: Discovering Women’s History

Discovering Women’s History brings to light the work of a selection of German-speaking women journalists from the first half of the twentieth century who made significant contributions to German life and culture, yet are barely known today. The volume builds upon scholarship on women and culture by focusing on individual journalists who published both within … Continue reading

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New publication: Christe Eleison!

For centuries the Jesus Prayer has been leading Orthodox Christians beyond the language of liturgy and the representations of iconography into the wordless, imageless stillness of the mystery of God. In more recent years it has been helping a growing number of Western Christians to find a deeper relationship with God through the continual rhythmic … Continue reading

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New publication: The London Lock Hospital in the Nineteenth Century

Based on archival research, this volume is concerned with the treatment of «fallen women» and prostitutes at the London Lock Hospital and Asylum throughout the nineteenth century. As venereally-diseased women, they were treated in the hospital for their physical ailments; those considered ripe for reform were secluded in the asylum for a moral cure. The … Continue reading

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New publication: Renaissance Now!

This volume directs a transdisciplinary gaze on the field of Renaissance Studies as currently practised in Europe, North America and beyond. The concept of the Renaissance as applied to a particular time and place is still regarded as being of central importance to the history of thought and culture. The essays collected here raise the … Continue reading

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New publication: The Impact of Study Abroad on the Acquisition of Sociopragmatic Variation Patterns

This book investigates the study abroad profile of non-native speaker teachers of English, exploring the impact of studying abroad on the acquisition of sociopragmatic variation patterns and the relationship between such patterns and identity development. Introducing the concept of ‘loci of learning’, the book provides a compelling insight into the relationship between the duration of … Continue reading


Series at Peter Lang Oxford

Peter Lang Oxford is pleased to announce the launch of our SERIES pages, featuring our wide array of book series in the fields of Art, Cultural Studies, Education, Film Studies, History, Irish Studies, Languages and Literatures, Linguistics, Media and Communication, Politics, Religious Studies and Theology, and Social Sciences. For details about series in your subject … Continue reading

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